What's #OldhamHour all about?

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If you’re a tweeter, and been around on a Monday evening you may have come across an account called @Oldham_Hour and/or the hashtag #OldhamHour.

So what’s it all about?

#OldhamHour is an initiative taken by myself with the encouragement of two other local businesses @WhittakerDesig1 and @abcdiagnosis to primarily gather together local businesses to network and share/RT (retweet) services they offer and events that they may be involved with. It has been running now every Monday evening 9-10 for 3 weeks and is slowly gathering momentum. We have a few local dignitaries and lots of local businesses and local tweeters following @Oldham_Hour account and hopefully the thread generated by the hashtag #OldhamHour. Many may choose not to interact but to just cruise and pickup information without being obviously present.

So what are the benefits?

Unlike other #hours I’d like to run it as mainly an interactive hour when other tweeters share and connect, and the local community also share their events and news. Twitter at times can be confusing as to how businesses can use it, so doesn’t it make sense to have a specific hour when details can be shared and everyone in the area that tweets is conscious that it happens and so can ‘zone-in’ in that hour, rather than just trawling all week long. If it can be mainly interactive, then it will be a potentially very useful hub of local information, and lead to businesses and services in the area. As @Oldham_Hour account I will not be retweeting other tweets unless I feel it is relevant to the interactive process otherwise your timelines  would become rather  spammy.

How can you get involved, where do you start?

Between 9-10 pm on Monday, tweet @Oldham_Hour and include the words #OldhamHour. Straight away anyone, who’s clicked on the words #OldhamHour and brought up a search list for the term, will be able to see that you are around and interacting. If you also do this you will also see the others. Then I suggest you try tweeting to another tweeting account to get involved. Other tweeters may retweet one of your tweets if they feel it is relevant to their followers and even more so if you retweet one of their tweets! Etiquette is important on twitter as it is in everyday life, be pleasant to others and they will likely reciprocate.

So what’s stopping you? Follow @Oldham_Hour and don’t forget to use the #OldhamHour hashtag during 9-10pm on a Monday evening. Let’s get Oldham talking and sharing and using twitter effectively. 

Any feedback is much appreciated, as it is a young initiative and a secondary one to my already busy business!

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