Suggestions for getting a new baby to sleep.

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Ways to put baby to sleep

  1. A warm baby is more likely to go to sleep. If you can warm the room to about 80 degrees F, it mimics the warmth of the womb (although the womb is even warmer) and baby is more likely to fall into a comfortable sleep.
  1. A hungry baby is likely to be more restless than a full one so feeding before sleep is a good idea.
  1. A windy baby will not be comfortable for baby, so try sitting them up against your shoulder and gently stroke their back.
  1. Gently rock the baby back and forth so they can focus on one thing. It also simulates the swaying of the womb.
  1. Turn baby towards the light, as this will help them to close their eyes.
  1. Playing white noise in the background may help. Again this simulates the noises heard in the womb of the mother’s digestive system, blood flowing and heart beat, which can be comforting to baby.
  1. A mother will slowly get to know what their baby likes and dislikes but these suggestions are a good starting point especially in a studio situation.Baby Photography
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