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Celebrate Good Times! 

Life is full of celebrations and good times. And it’s great to keep a record of those times to bring back happy memories and to see the changes. In this day and age videos and photographs are plentiful,easily captured on mobile phones, Ipads and even a good friend’s new all singing-and-dancing camera. Small Weddings are intimate and more and more frequent with second or more marriages. More and more of us are making a special occasion with a party for an Anniversary or Birthday.

Life’s celebrations are about having fun and enjoying the time/day with our loved ones and friends. Why not make the day or Party special for all, bring in a Professional Photographer who will not stress about the end product – (It’s my job!) and through years of experience will capture your memories effortlessly? You’re friend or Uncle Jo can then enjoy the day as much as everyone else. You’ll have peace of mind that you’ll have the photographs that you wish for. 



Small Wedding Photography
Small Wedding and Second Wedding Photography
Small Wedding and Second Wedding Photography

It’s a kinda magic!

I know that your day has not just happened like magic. It’s taken weeks of preparation and thought. At the end of that day or celebration what do you have? A sore head (maybe), a happy heart and a new spouse possibly. The photographs will be there for you to look back on, and taken to help you remember the minute details to the massive shows of love between you all. 

A Small Wedding Photographer?

I’m 5ft 4 – not small but I do love a small Wedding! I mean a small number of guests – 20-60ish.

Most Wedding Photographers will want to work for hours on the day, as they want to capture everything. A lot of Weddings run from getting ready to the first or even the last dance. You may want someone to cover the essential parts of the day or just for a hour or so at an anniversary bash and nothing more. Perhaps a first dance isn’t up your street. A ‘Wedding Photographer’ is likely to not want such a small job.

However, I’ve covered hundreds of Weddings and Celebrations and can honestly say that smaller ones are my favourite, and capturing the details in a short time so special. Give me a call or drop me a line and we can talk. Contact Jude or 07759 599134

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