Questions You Should Be Asking Your Newborn Photographer

Baby and newborn photographer jude gidney

•       What happens at your Newborn Portrait session?

•       How will you ensure my baby will be safe during their Photo Shoot?

•       Can I see a pricelist before I book?

•       Is there a way to save money on my session?

•       What happens if my baby is poorly/upset/unhappy on the day of our photoshoot?

•       What is included in our Newborn Portrait Session fee?

•       What do I need to bring to the session?

•       What if baby dirties their nappy, poos or wees during the session?

•       What training have you had as a baby photographer?

•       Have you had children yourself?

Newborn Baby Photographs

There may be other questions you’d like to ask, and to help to reassure yourself, ask them. It’s a new stage in your life having a baby and you should have all the facts before you come to the session with your precious new addition. If any of the answers concern you, then either ask further questions or look elsewhere.

I shall follow this post with my 10 answers. Please be patient 🙂 – and here they are….take a closer look here.

Newborn and baby Photographer

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