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I recently welcomed two little remarkable dogs to the studio for a pet photography session. Both thought to be Maltese dogs, Milton and Fizz have both endured a very difficult start to life. They were both rescued from being eaten. Both were born in South Korea where dogs are bred for the dinner table.

Fizz was found wandering around in a little shop, and when a loving lady asked to buy her, the shop owner had to be restrained from slitting her throat, ready for the pot.

Milton was rescued by the same generous lady, from a nearby rescue home in Asan, in South Korea where he was on death row as no one was interested in adopting him. Milton was born completely blind as a result of inbreeding, but has a remarkable way of adapting to his surroundings, and I feel this ability has helped him in his rescue.

When their owner changed jobs and needed to move to accommodation where pets weren’t welcome, she managed to get a charity that flies pets around the world to help out and to send them to her mother, Dawn who lives just outside Oldham.

Dawn has been looking after them in her home for a year now and there’s obviously a very strong bond between them.

In the studio they were both very happy to investigate, and it was amazing to watch Milton navigate, very slowly at first, the furniture and lighting, but within about 20 mins he was running around bump-free as was Fizz. Getting them to sit and pose was another issue altogether! Thanks to Dawn for her patience.

Milton is celebrating his 2nd Birthday in February and Fizz her 6th in April.

I also wish to congratulate Dawn and Mark on their engagement. I’m wondering if the dogs may play apart in their upcoming Wedding ceremony in June.

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