10 questions and answers about Newborn Photography Sessions.

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My last blog post was suggesting questions to ask your newborn photographer before you book your session. Here are my answers:

  1. What happens at your newborn shoot? On arriving at the studio, ( you’ll get a big “well done” from me for just arriving as I appreciate it’s taken time to get there!!) you will be asked to make yourself at home. All your baby’s needs can be comfortably met in the studio with changing area, privacy for breast feeding, and a good temperature for baby to feel calm and relaxed. I’ve had two newborns of my own and numerous in the studio, plus training from an award winning top Newborn Photographer, so am becoming an expert at helping to settle them. Once settled your baby will be photographed in a number of postures, that are achieved with the minimum of movement to baby to ensure they remain settled. You will be involved in the session if you feel you’d like to, although it may be a golden opportunity for time to relax or it’s even happened, catch up on some much needed sleep.  You can bring food and drink to the studio, to refuel especially if you’re breastfeeding.frontbunny
  2. How will you ensure that my baby will be safe during the shoot? Safety is of paramount importance, especially with a newborn! I’m a registered BANPAS ( Baby and Newborn Photography Association) photographer and have trained under an eminent newborn photographer, and continually strive to improve my techniques. I will start the session by washing my hands. The studio is pat tested and health and safety procedures adhered to. When photographing your baby I will always work with a camera strap to make sure that the camera doesn’t slip onto your baby. On moving your baby, I am trained in knowing the best way to handle them, ensuring no damage to soft parts of their head, and moving them so that they are as comfortable as possible and little arms and legs aren’t put into positions that are awkward. I constantly check that poses don’t stop circulation to little areas such as feet and hands. A baby is never left alone, and either myself or a ‘spotter’ keeping a close eye on baby, as even in their sleep a baby may kick out and push themselves off a posing bag or out of a basket or other prop. At present I tend to avoid composite images as I am not fully trained in how to achieve them and wouldn’t want to compromise the safety of your baby. These are poses where two images are put together in photoshop, images that are actually unnatural for a baby to be in, but with the right handling can be achieved and look cute. Your baby will never be held without support, and many images that look as though they are ‘airborne’ aren’t and are taken on a beanbag with enhancements in the post processing. I won’t push my capabilities beyond what I feel is safe for your baby.Newborn Baby Photographs
  3. Can I see a price list before I book?  Of course you can, I tend not to publish online as I prefer not to publish them to any competitors. Please get in touch and I’ll send you more details. Newborn photography is a specialism so there really isn’t a thing as ‘cheap newborn photos’ although I am happy to work with you on a package that suits you.
  4. Is there a way to save money on my session? As mentioned above I’m happy to talk through a package with you that suits. I do offer maternity and newborn packages, which work out very reasonably, and are a lovely way for me to follow up on how you’re getting on with the new addition. You’ll be prepared also and know where you’re coming to and who’ll be photographing your baby.
  5. What happens if my baby is poorly/upset/unhappy on the day of the shoot? If your baby is poorly I would suggest that you contact your GP and ring to rearrange the session. Your baby’s health is of paramount importance, as is your piece of mind. The session can then be booked in for a better time, your baby will have developed slightly and so will not be as flexible as time moves on, but beautiful images can still be taken. If your baby is griping or unsettled before you come, keep going and come to the studio. They may be picking up on you doing something new with them and you being unsettled too. An extra set of extra calm hands may help when you arrive.
  6. What is included in the Newborn Portrait Fee? My fee actually covers the 2 to 3 hours studio time, post processing of the images ( each one lovingly enhanced and art work created). You will be asked to return to the studio for a viewing session. Prints, canvases and acrylics are extra and included in the details I send to you.
  7. What do I need to bring to the session? Your baby. A snack and bottled water will also help to keep you going. I can organise hot drinks but prefer not to with little ones in the studio.
  8. What if my baby dirties their nappy, poos or wees during the session? This is what babies do – clean them up and carry on. All the wraps and blankets in the studio are washable and are…regularly!
  9. What training have you had as a baby photographer? I’ve been working for other people with my photography – ‘professionally’ – for over 13 yrs now. I started out with a registration from the British Institute of Professional Photographers in portraiture. Since then I have photographed hundreds of babies, being fully aware of the safety aspect of the shoots. I have, in the last 2 years, sought professional training from eminent award winning photographers Kelly Brown and Sue Bryce, in the area of newborn, baby and maternity photography, involving over 48 hrs of training, with studio practicals. BANPAS has reviewed my work and I am to receive ongoing training Baby Photography Printunder their guidance, and following their standards.
  10. Have you had children yourself? Ok, you don’t need to have children to be a good newborn photographer, but I believe it certainly helps! I’ve had two boys of my own, now 17 and 19. Neither were easy babies, not sleeping through til at least 2 and 3 yrs old, with the usual handful of diseases, trips to hospital, and guilt of being a good parent. I’m not just a photographer, I’m also a font of knowledge about the development of your baby, and can sympathise with those broken nights and will try not to give advice but be a listening ear. If it’s your first baby, no doubt it’s a bit of a shock, your second, I understand you’re in a whirl, your third,forth… you’re in autopilot!

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